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Asheville Reporting offers full-service videoconferencing on site. Depositions, expert consultations, partner meetings, client and co-counsel conferences, witness/trial preparation, arbitration, negotiations, settlement proceedings and recruitment interviews are only a few of the uses of videoconferencing. We will be happy to arrange all of the details of your conference and let you enjoy a hassle-free, travel-free experience, whether you are in Asheville or out-of-town. Just tell us when and where, we’ll do the rest. This includes locating and booking a satisfactory far-side location and coordinating ALL the details.

Video Conference

Time Saver

Imagine taking the deposition of an expert witness in Seattle, Washington, at 1:00 in the afternoon and then making it back to your home in Asheville, North Carolina, in time for dinner with the family! This without ever stepping foot on a plane.  Videoconferencing makes it possible. It is the perfect solution for dealing with the hassle and high cost of travel, and the pressure of deadlines that exist in the legal industry. Depositions, expert witness testimony, co-counsel conferencing, trial preparation, contract negotiations – these are just a few examples of why the legal world is ideally suited for the videoconference technology.

Virtual Communication

There is nothing complicated about videoconferencing either. Placing a videoconference call is as easy as placing a phone call. From the videoconference site, you are connected to the far-end site where the other party is located. On a TV screen or monitor you see one another in color, you speak in a natural tone and volume, and at a normal pace. There is no distracting time lag. Within moments of your first videoconference being under way, you forget you’re not in the same room. Rather than being on a TV screen at the end of your conference table, it’s as if the person to whom you are talking is seated there in the room with you,. It truly is just like being there.

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